Jan has a passion for journeying alongside people as they seek to deepen their relationship with God. Many of those people have affirmed her giftedness in helping them identify the threads God seems to be weaving through their life story – including life events, emotions, feelings and interpersonal interactions – and how those threads are connected.  Clients describe her as intuitive, approachable, trustworthy, and warm.
After receiving a B.S. in Social Work and Social Services from Sam Houston State University, Jan obtained professional certifications in Spiritual Formation and Direction from Christian Formation and Direction Ministries.  She continues to be an active member of Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA) and Spiritual Directors International.  She is also a Certified Enneagram Practitioner, specializing in the Harmony Triad model of the Enneagram. She loves using it as a tool toward spiritual transformation.
A deep love for animals inspired Jan to found an animal assisted therapy program called “Paws for Caring.” Under her direction as President, the program grew to over 200 volunteers serving more than 30 health care facilities. All while running her own dog obedience school where she taught group classes and provided private training. She has also trained and handled her own dogs as they earned advanced titles in both the obedience ring and in field trials.
Marriage ministry has been another long-time passion for Jan and her husband, Al.  After training in intensive marriage mentoring through Intimate Life Ministries, they have been involved in mentoring marriages for over 20 years. During her time on staff with Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, Jan helped facilitate their Marriage Prep program which provided premarital counseling to hundreds of engaged couples each year. 
When Jan and Al felt called to church planting, she completed training and was involved in planting two churches in San Antonio, Texas. In that capacity, she has taught classes, planned and/or led retreats, written extensive curriculum and blogs, and planned and hosted large events. Leaders at her church home, Rockhills, asked her to serve as Chairman of the Deacons.  Most recently, Jan completed seminary training to be able to take others through The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.
Jan has dedicated much of her life investing in others.  In her free time, she enjoys all of God’s creation, particularly the mountains, animals, her grandkids, and long, meandering walks and talks with her husband.
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Phyllis Morton trained as a Registered Nurse with a Masters focus on Pediatrics and Education. She has enjoyed a variety of experiences as a nurse in pediatrics, a burn unit, psychiatric unit and in the context of a private gynecology office.  Additionally, Phyllis has had the opportunity to participate in medical mission trips to Bolivia, Peru and Nigeria.

PhyllisMortonCurrently she volunteers in a faith based sexual health clinic. She has maintained a dream from the beginning of her career and training to give body, soul and spiritual care to others. Her nursing related opportunities, added with training and practice as a Spiritual Director have allowed that dream to come to fruition in ways only God could orchestrate.

Phyllis obtained her Spiritual Direction Certification from Southern Methodist University. Since that time she has had the opportunity to lead retreats and meet with others in personal Spiritual Direction, helping them seek and follow Jesus in their life journey. She is also trained and facilitated several sexual abuse recovery groups.

She and her husband are trained & have lead Reengage, a 16 week intensive marriage help course designed for use in churches.  Paul and Phyllis created and have hosted a marriage mentoring group for medical and dental students through the Christian Medical and Dental Association for the past eleven years. While in college, Phyllis and Paul began their own discipleship journey with the Navigators.  They remain on associate staff participating as a faculty sponsor on the UTSA campus in San Antonio.

Phyllis loves a full dining table full of chatter, laughter and good food in her home.  Replenishment comes from hikes and walks in the in the woods, along with her daily times of sitting in a comfy chair by the window with books, music and candles. Regular doses of grand parenting of her young seven grandkids are a must for life giving fun and the deep joy they bring to her heart and soul.

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Janet Wilhelm, like many women, wears many hats…that of wife, mother, chief bottle washer and chauffeur. She graduated with a BA in Special Education from the University of South Floridawith an emphasis on learning and emotional disabilities. Over the years she had many opportunities to teach those with educational challenges. Janet went on to receive an MA in Counseling from Liberty University in Pastoral Counseling and is trained in Inner Healing Prayer.  


For over 10 years Janet was a part of the counseling department at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX. While there, in addition to one on one counseling, she put her teaching skills to good use and trained leaders to minister as lay counselors, pre-marital mentors, marriage mentorsas well as support and recovery group facilitators.

It was during her years at CBC she received training under Dr. Jerome Wagner, in the Enneagramand has been using this valuable tool for over 15 years. Janet loves the most recent teaching of the Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram through the Harmony Triad, which encourages growth and balance of body, mind and heart (spirit). By accepting and loving ourselves for who God made us to be through self-knowledge, growth and harmony each of us can more fully love God and others in order to fulfill the gospel message of Matthew 22:37.

Upon retirement from CBC in 2015 Janet went on to receive Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a chaplain. For years she was a chaplain to the San Antonio Police Dept. and is currently a chaplain working with the non-profits Hearts Need Art and reFocus Today Ministry. It is her joy to give a listening ear; an encouraging word and a reminder of God’s unconditional hope and love.

Although not certified as a Spiritual Director she has studied extensively and uses those practices in her personal life and in counseling sessions. Janet encourages the exploration of thecontemplative experience with scripture and through journaling as a means of experiencing a connection with God.

Currently, Janet has joined with Jan Hassler and Phyllis Morton in developing unique retreats that offer men and women a step into nature, quiet, contemplation and reconnection to God. A time that is much needed from the harried lives that our world often demands.

Janet and her husband Bob have had many opportunities to mentor couples throughout their 40+ years together. Like everyone else they have experienced challenges in their marriage and in the lives of their children. God’s faithfulness and love have seen them through many joys andsorrows. They are quick to share comfort and a much-needed word of hope to others struggling on their journeys. Bob and Janet are proud to have 5 grandchildren who are a huge blessing and keep them young!

Contact Info: janetrefocustoday@gmail.com              (210) 412-2851

Janet Wilhelm, MA

Chaplain, SAPD, ReFocus Today Ministry & Hearts Need Art


Shannon has loved horses for as long as she can remember. After receiving an Accounting degree from Texas A&M, she strived to find her place in this world.  After dabbling in several creative ventures, being able to incorporate horses into her daily life and business ventures has been a dream come true.  

091-2_2Truth and learning is one of her main passions.  Studying God’s Word is one of the most fulfilling ways of pursuing Truth.  Learning inductive study methods such as the in depth studies offered by Precepts Ministries has helped her really learn how to study and discern the Scriptures.  Apologetics is one of her favorite subjects and The Truth Project by Focus on the Family is one of her favorite studies. 

The other way Shannon has pursued truth is in relationships.  Horses have been the best catalyst for growth in self-awareness and leadership.  Their power of being in the moment is very effective in teaching humans to slow down.  Shannon  also loves delving into the concepts of what motivates both humans and animals.  As of late, the Enneagram study has been another layer of interest to study relating to this area of motivations and relationships.   Being the #8 Challenger personality has worked well in starting a horse and coaching business.  However, learning to work well with others is not always the easiest for a strong, type A personality.  Thankfully, God has filled Shannon’s life with many wise, loving, and patient mentors to walk alongside her.  

Trying to be more balanced in her personality, Shannon uses her love of learning to figure out ways to help others at her ranch.  Horses help with everything from social skill and team building to trauma support and strengthening marriages.  Shannon likes to think of herself as just a facilitator, letting the horses use their own talents and personalities as needed for each individual client.

Due to many health struggles, studying about this area has become a large part of Shannon’s more recent life.  Nutrition for horses and humans can at times be similar.  This has been a continuous learning process even to this day.  So here it seems, the physical part of truth rounds out the mental and emotional parts that were the beginning of Shannon’s studies.  

In the few hours left in the week after managing the 44 acre ranch and over 20 horses, Shannon loves playing on her doubles tennis team, playing games with her family (especially Bridge), and spending adventurous time with friends.  She’s been married over 25 years to her college sweetheart and although she doesn’t have any children of her own, she has had many kids floating in and out of her house over the years! fake breitling watches replica replica replica watches rolex

Shannon Birkelbach – shannon@fivehorses.com   713-203-6115

EAGALA – Equine Specialist
Ok Corral Certification
Hands That Heal Certification