• Introduction to Groups

    Learn the basics of safety when riding with others, as well as arena etiquette. Proper catching of your horse, saddling, and signs for knowing that your horse is ready for mounted work will be covered. Knot tying and proper care of equipment will be covered also.

    *It is preferred that riders are proficient in all of the information covered in your first 10 private lessons and have attended one of the intro to group classes before joining a regularly scheduled group class.

  • Intermediate

    Rider can confidently walk and trot offline, and is confortable with cantering online.

  • Advanced

    Rider can confidently walk, trot, and canter offline, as well as be able to troubleshoot what to do for the horse when it is not emotionally or physically fit.

  • Horses & You

    These are unmounted group classes where clients utilize Natural Horsemanship skills to help them find the connection that we all instinctively crave. These skills will transfer into many aspects of your life as you learn to be a partner and a leader.

  • Introduction to Jumping

    This 4-class series focuses on helping to prepare a horse and rider to jump safely. The first week begins by addressing horse/rider basic skills. The following weeks include: work over cavalletti poles, moving on to single jumps, then advancing to multiple jumps and more intricate pattern work.

  • Naturally Yoga

    Let the horse help you to find your center, and relax your body and mind. The Yoga & Horses class begins with a short warm-up on the ground, and then flows into targeted yoga moves on horseback to increase your flexibility, balance, and strength while riding.

    *Riders are encouraged to try this class bareback, but can use traditional saddles if needed.

  • Bareback Class

    Learn to improve your feel & connection with your horse by taking part in Bareback Class. This class will help improve riding in many ways, including: better balance, strengthened core muscles, and increasing the flexibility in your legs & hips.

  • Introduction to Trail Riding

    Learn to safely navigate the trail in a controlled environment. The session begins with riders working in the playground over obstacles to introduce concepts of trail safety. After warming up, riders will head out to nearby trails to put what they’ve practiced to the test. The trail class is very much centered on rider safety and helping riders feel more comfortable riding outside an arena.