• Natural Horsemanship Lessons

    Learn how to communicate with horses, using their own communication style – body language.  You will build confidence with horses that are highly trained with natural horsemanship principles, improve your leadership and communication skills, and improve on balance and biomechanics while riding.

    • Private lessons – $60/hour
    • Group lessons (upon passing riding test) – $50/1.5 hour

    Click here for current, detailed group offerings, and the appointment tab to find available time slots

  • Lease Programs

    The Five Horses’ Rider Program is for those riders who are dedicated to the constant improvement and continuous learning journey in natural horsemanship.  These riders qualify for the Five Horses’ Extravaganza Show.

    Lease Horses Available through the Rider Programs – click above

  • Equine Body Balancing

    Shannon has been certified through Level 3 for Holistic Horseworks Equine Unwinding. This includes Cranial Sacral work as well as Equine Yoga stretches that she will teach the horse owner. Young Living essential oils as well as other high quality products are included in the session fees.

    To learn more about the Unwinding technique check out April Love’s website at

    To set up a time with Shannon, please email with time preferences and the basic issues occurring with your horse.

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

    EAP sessions offer an activity/solution-based program recognizing horses as natural truth-tellers. The activity is designed to expose personal and relational patterns. These patterns can be both dynamic and reflective of human-horse interactions and serve as metaphors for life outside the arena. This experiential insight gives the client the opportunity for physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual transformation.  Click the above heading to find out about our current groups.

    We offer free monthly demonstrations so that you can experience an EAP session for yourself.  Contact us for the next date or to be added to our newsletter.

  • Equine Assisted Learning

    EAL sessions differ from EAP sessions in that the client is working towards learning goals instead of treatment goals determined by the therapist.  EAL is used more in corporate groups that will be labeling their goals more specifically around their work related issues.  Check the appointment tab for current workshops or schedule your own private session.