A One Day Women’s Retreat

As you are probably aware, the Governor and President have shut down pretty much everything until after April, 2020. The Enneagram horse retreat was set for 4/25/2020.

This notice comes to you as a thank you for your interest in our retreat, and to formally let you know the retreat is cancelled. Refunds on deposits will be sent soon.  Also, we offer a few harmony triad tips for your use and help during this unprecedented time.  You ARE experiencing trauma and stress….we all are….and our hearts, minds and guts (harmony triad areas) are reacting and responding. It is our hope and prayer you remain attached to THE VINE during this time and find out in new and powerfully personal ways what a REFUGE Jesus Christ is.
HERE is an article about how trauma can affect you.  This would be considered trauma with a small “t” but trauma nonetheless. Keep things in perspective and give yourself grace during this time.
The harmony triads are:
8, 2 & 5
9, 3 & 6,
1, 4 & 7.
Each of these triads have gut, heart and mind elements (include a number which incorporates gut, heart and mind intelligence).  When we are under stress, we tend to move to the slightly (or very) low levels of health of another number within our triad.  Naming and being aware of such things can keep us leaning into Jesus and HIS power in greater way and operating at our healthiest place mind, gut and heart.  This, in effect, keeps us living into the Great Commission – which is still true regarding of a pandemic or not:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart (2, 3 & 4) mind (5, 6 & 7) and soul (8, 9 & 1), and love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37).
HERE is an article about stress movement within the Enneagram and some suggestions for helping with those stress levels.

In closing, your retreat leaders offer the beautiful Celtic prayer, and hope to meet up again soon at Five Horses Ranch:
“May God shield you on every steep, May Christ aid you on every path, May Spirit fill you on every slope, on hill and on plain. May the King shield you in the valleys, May Christ aid you on the mountains, May the Spirit bathe you on the slopes – in hollow, on hill, on plain, mountain, valley and plain. “




Utilizing the Harmony Triads of  THE ENNEAGRAM
for transformation

Saturday, April 25th from 9-4pm  Sign up under workshops  HERE


RETREAT: This is not a conference. There will be time and space to meet with God and allow Him to work in your heart, mind and soul during this special day. The environment will be enhanced by the presence of the “divine equines”. Although there will not actually be riding, there will be multiple horse activities during the day.

REFLECTIVE TIMES: There will be time and margin to reflect and unplug on a beautiful horse ranch in the country. You are invited to bring your Bible, journal, sketch pad, etc. to have on hand as you “be still and know that He is God” (Ps. 46:10).

WOMEN 18 and OVER:  This is because of the reflective nature of this retreat, and because the recommended age for Enneagram assessment is 18 and over.

LIMITED SPACE: To provide personal attention and be able to have time and space for God, each other and the various horse activities, this retreat will be limited to 30 women. Once we have received deposits for that amount, we will begin a waiting list.

WHO ARE THE RETREAT LEADERS?:  This retreat will be gently led by two Certified Spiritual Directors who are also Certified Practitioners of the Harmony Triad model of the Enneagram. Also leading is a counselor who is trained in the Enneagram and has many years of experience using it as a tool in pastoral counseling. Additionally, the retreat will be utilizing multiple Equine Specialists, including the owner and operator of Five Horses Ranch, Shannon Birkelbach. We cannot leave out the fact the horses themselves will also be “retreat leaders”as we grow and learn with their help and influence. There will also be a professional artist providing an art element to your soul care experience.

The Refresh & Restore retreat will be rooted in Judea Christian, Biblically based principals. Our foundational beliefs are set forth in the Apostles Creed. As mentioned, we will be using the harmony triad model (gut, head & heart) of the Enneagram as a tool toward transformation to live out all you are in Christ (more below). Click HERE for the biographies of the leaders for your retreat.

NOT FAMILIAR WITH SPIRITUAL DIRECTION?: It is an ancient Christian art and ministry. Spiritual Direction is a calling that includes specialized training in a 2 to 3 year program through accredited institutions and seminaries.The training allows a Director to journey alongside others and help them see God’s movement. Spiritual Directors are sometimes called “soul friends,” “co-discerners” or “personal trainers for the spiritual life.”  The word “director” sounds authoritative but it is far from that. Spiritual Directors gently help you see God’s activity in your life and respond to it.

THE ENNEAGRAM:  Is an ancient tool that comes from 2 Greek words:  “ennea” meaning “nine” and “gram” meaning  “points.” The Enneagram is a personality typology describing nine distinct but interrelated personality types, or nine ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Unlike other similar tests, it comes from a place of motivation rather than behavior. It does not “box” you into a certain type (or number) but actually has the capacity to help you break out of any box in which you may be stuck. This can help you operate and function in a more healthy way, thus living out the “you” God created you to be. We all firmly believe this tool helps people grow in empathy and compassion to live out the gospel with yourself and with others.

On a more personal level, this retreat will utilize the Enneagram and the horses to help you discover the truth of what motivates you and the unique way God made and gifted you. Likewise, it might point out some unhealthy motivations that may exist that God can help you overcome. The goal of the spiritual journey here on earth is the transformation of self, so at some point it is helpful to know WHO it is that is being transformed. This retreat will help you live into the “true you” that God created you to be and empower you in your journey of faith. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or have been studying it for years, we believe you will leave with fresh insights into God and yourself that can be a map for deep personal, emotional and spiritual transformation. We believe all this should be directed to the glory of God and for the benefit of others (loving your neighbors as yourself).

What is the “Harmony Triad” model of the Enneagram?   It has been said that “All models are wrong, but some are useful.”  This retreat will utilize a specific model of the Enneagram:  the harmony triads.  You will be led by two Spiritual Directors who have in depth training in this model and have been Certified by the International Enneagram Institute. They believe it is the most powerful model for Godly transformation. Each of the nine personality styles falls within a primary triad of head, gut or heart. From there, you will learn to work in harmony with the other two. This work, alongside with God, scripture and the horses, will ultimately help you in understanding how you can  live into what Jesus called the “greatest commandment:” to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love others as yourself” (Matt. 22:37). Bringing in all 3 triads will help you bring online your God given strengths in your head, your heart and your soul (gut). It will help you know and love yourself better, and know and love God more deeply, and love others with more grace and compassion, thus better living out the greatest commandment.

TAKING THE ENNEAGRAM:  If you decide to register for this retreat and pay your initial deposit, you will be sent a link to sign up and take the Enneagram assessment. If you have already taken an Enneagram assessment, indicate that when you register and instructions will be sent once your deposit is paid.

FOOD:  In addition to ample spiritual food, you will be treated to a continental style breakfast, and a healthy, gourmet “farm to table” lunch. Also, there will be coffee, drinks and snacks for the day. Lastly,  we will conclude our special time together with a relaxed time of wine and “happy hour” type foods.

COST: This all day retreat costs $250. This includes all your professionally trained retreat leaders, food, materials, equine related expenses, and indeterminable spiritual and emotional benefits. Please know that $35 of your registration will be going to Hearts Need Art, which is a non-profit organized and run by Christians who minister to adults with cancer. Their artists will be involved during your retreat experience at Refresh & Restore.

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