Shannon has loved horses for as long as she can remember. After receiving an Accounting degree from Texas A&M, she strived to find her place in this world.  After dabbling in several creative ventures, being able to incorporate horses into her daily life and business ventures has been a dream come true.

Truth and learning is one of her main passions.  Studying God’s Word is one of the most fulfilling ways of pursuing Truth.  Learning inductive study methods such as the in depth studies offered by Precepts Ministries has helped her really learn how to study and discern the Scriptures.  Apologetics is one of her favorite subjects and The Truth Project by Focus on the Family is one of her favorite studies. 

The other way Shannon has pursued truth is in relationships.  Horses have been the best catalyst for growth in self-awareness and leadership.  Their power of being in the moment is very effective in teaching humans to slow down.  Shannon also loves delving into the concepts of what motivates both humans and animals.  As of late, the Enneagram study has been another layer of interest to study relating to this area of motivations and relationships.   Being the #8 Challenger personality has worked well in starting a horse and coaching business.  However, learning to work well with others is not always the easiest for a strong, type A personality.  Thankfully, God has filled Shannon’s life with many wise, loving, and patient mentors to walk alongside her.  

Trying to be more balanced in her personality, Shannon uses her love of learning to figure out ways to help others at her ranch.  Horses help with everything from social skill and team building to trauma support and strengthening marriages.  Shannon likes to think of herself as just a facilitator, letting the horses use their own talents and personalities as needed for each individual client.

Due to many health struggles, studying about this area has become a large part of Shannon’s more recent life.  Nutrition for horses and humans can at times be similar.  This has been a continuous learning process even to this day.  So here it seems, the physical part of truth rounds out the mental and emotional parts that were the beginning of Shannon’s studies.  

In the few hours left in the week after managing the 44 acre ranch and over 20 horses, Shannon loves playing on her doubles tennis team, playing games with her family (especially Bridge), and spending adventurous time with friends.  She’s been married over 25 years to her college sweetheart and although she doesn’t have any children of her own, she has had many kids floating in and out of her house over the years! replica watches rolex replica watch replica watches rolex