Finding Balance: Goal-Setting Workshop

February 19th, 3pm-6pm

All too often we sabotage ourselves by setting goals only to find ourselves disappointed when we don’t succeed. In this one-of-a-kind workshop, our equine experts will lend a hand with objectively identifying your needs in 7 key areas of life. From there, you will learn how to create realistic goals for your future and the steps needed to achieve them. Let the horses be your compass; guiding you to what your instincts tell you is truly important in your life.

It is said that horses are the ultimate truth-tellers, and, at Five Horses, we’ve experienced the reality of this statement time and again. Horses have an inherent ability to read body language and energy levels. This ability is amazingly accurate and frequently reveals truths that we humans never notice.

The 7 key areas in finding balance in your life include:








Workshop Cost: $100

Limited spots available! Please click here to register today